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Logbook Servicing and Vehicle Servicing

One of our primary workshop services is our vehicle servicing. Our qualified technicians can use OEM parts and fluids so that you maintain your factory warranty, while still getting to experience our fantastic customer service. We will also perform routine maintenance such as oil and filter changes, along with inspecting the rest of the vehicle for worn components. We can service both petrol and diesel engine vehicles.

Steering and Suspension

Your vehicles steering and suspension are the primary determinants of your vehicles handling characteristics. If any of these components are worn of malfunctioning, your vehicle won’t handle as the factory intended it to. Our technicians can assess your vehicle’s steering and suspension components and provide you with a quote on repair. To arrange a booking for repair, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Roadworthy Certificates

At Tyre Magic, we are a VicRoads licensed roadworthy inspector. We can comprehensively assess various parts of your vehicle to ensure that it is as safe as possible for you and your passengers on the road. To arrange a booking on a roadworthy inspection, contact us today.

VIC Roadworthy Tester Lic. Testing #11544

Tyres - New and Used

As our name suggests, we specialise in tyres and alignments at Tyre Magic. We stock tyres for all makes and models of vehicle and can professionally fit them for you. Upon having your new tyres fitted our technicians can align your wheels to ensure optimal fuel efficiency and even tyre wear. If you’re in need of new tyres for your vehicle, whether its performance tyres for maximum traction or economy tyres for the best value for money, we have tyres to suit your needs. For a quote on new or used tyres, contact us today.

Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing

As their name suggest, your fuel injectors are responsible for delivery fuel into the engine. If they aren't working correctly, your fuel efficiency and the performance of your vehicle can both be dramatically decreased. We have the latest testing and cleaning equipment to get your injectors performing as the factory intended. To arrange to have your injectors tested, contact us today.


Modern vehicles rely heavily on electronics throughout their design to monitor various components. Often these systems can present faults that can not be diagnosed without the proper scanning tools. We have diagnostic scan tools to find diagnostic faults on all makes and models. For a quote on a diagnostic scan, contact us today.

Brake Repairs

At Tyre Magic our technicians can also repair, replace and machine brake components. Whether its new brake pads or machining your rotors, our technicians have the equipment to get your brakes performing like new once again. If your brakes are in need of repair, contact our team today.

Free Battery Testing

At Tyre Magic we offer a free battery testing service. Our technicians will professionally test your battery and can supply and fit a replacement if it is required. We only use top quality batteries at Tyre Magic for longevity and reliability. Drop in to our workshop today for a free battery test.

Clutch Repairs

At Tyre Magic our technicians have the skills to professionally repair your clutch and replace worn components. Your clutch is responsible for engaging the motors power and over time the clutch plates wear, and the power isn't delivered as efficiently. To find out more about clutch repairs, or for an assessment of your clutch, please don't hesitate to contact our team today.

Engine Reconditioning

When your vehicle’s engine reaches a certain age, components wear to a point that they must be reconditioned before catastrophic damage occurs to other parts. Our team can professionally recondition your motor and also repair cylinder heads to get them running like new once again. For a quote on engine reconditioning, contact us.